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ABout Vimaana

Vimaana Aerospace Technologies is a drone manufacturer, service provider and educational firm based in India. It has
been incorporated with a mission to provide high end services to the customers with the assistance of
UAVs. We  are 

manufacturing VT400

quadcopter frames in India and provide drone education to school students and universities. The
objective is to engage more drones in India in different sectors like food, medicine, disaster management,
surveying and mapping. We aim to promote Aerospace Industry in India through our skill development
programs and services catering to various sectors for their development.

Our Mission


For the first time ever in India, we have started manufacturing drone frames. Motive is to promote Make in India products as far as possible. 

Our product VT400 quadcopter frame is a highly durable and strong quadcopter frame. It is equipped with high performance PCBs and ultra strength arms which makes it stand out from the crowd. High Tension allen screws are also part of the kit. 



We provide services like Drone Mapping,Drone surveying and Photography/Videography with the help of Drones.


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